Turk and Islamic Art Museum

Building which is used as a Turk and Islamic  Art Museum is located over Roman Hipodrome . Thanks to This , you can see some ruins of Roman Hipodrome at the first floor of Turk and Islamic Art Museum. This Building was built here in Ottoman times as a residence of Grand Vizier of Ottoman Imperial. Ibrahim Pasha who was grand vizier of Sultan Suleyman the magnificent also lived here . Therefore Some locals have still called " Palace of Ibrahim Pasha "Today. Therefore in Ottoman times This palace was used for Wedding and Circumsion Ceremonies .

Thanks to  Turk and Islamic Art Museum , you can learn a lot of history of Islam religion . You can learn too much information and stone arts  related to Emevi, Abbasi , Memluk, Seljuk and Ottoman . you can see beautifull door and doorknob of Cizre Great Mosque . And Also you can see holy relics of Prophet Muhammed and Holy Kabba in Turk and Islamic Art Museum.  Besides you can see beautifull Carpets collection which affected Some European Painters like Lotto and Holbien. Plus Seljuk wooden crafts like tombs.

Turk and Islamic art museum is opened except Monday 

Entrance fee is 35 Turkish Liras 



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