Mese street

Mese Street was first main street in İstanbul. Mese Street as a part of Via Egnatia which was more or less !000 Kilometers long between Augustaion Square  and Dyrrachium port in Albania   After Construction of İstanbul Great Walls , Mese Street was called as a  Via Regia ( King Way ) .But People of Constantinople called Mese Sreet which means Main Street. After Palace location was changed by Roman İmperial.  Mese Street's Popularity was decreased. After Constantinople was conquered by Ottoman , Old Peninsula was used location of Palace of Ottoman imperial again. So  Mese Street became busier. Because Grand Vizier and Viziers used Mese street to go to Topkapı Palace for imperial Council . That's why Mese Street called Divan (Council) Street in Turkish today. Mese Street has been used as a tramvay since 1992.

what to see in Mese Street which looks like Cultural River passing in old Peninsula of İstanbul.

  • Million Stone (Malliarium  Auruem )
  • Parc of Halide Edip Adıvar ( where public speech was done by her during Independence War of Turkish )
  • Pudding Shop run by Namık Çolpan , is known as a restourant of Hippies in Istanbul. Midnight Express
  • SultanAhmet Meatball restourant have been run by Same Family since 1920
  • Cevriye Kalfa Premiary school ( today Hafız Mustafa Patisserie)
  • Firuz Agha Mosque  built by ministery of treasue in reign of Sultan Beyazıt second
  • The bust of Mehmet Akif Ersoy , poet of National Anthem of Turkish Republic
  • ruins of Hagia Eufemia Church
  • Cigdem Patesserie
  • Kergel Restourant (local Home Food restourant)
  • Mansion used as a French Millitary Headquarter 
  • Şerefiye Cistern
  • Klodferer Street
  • Fuad Pasha Mosque
  • House of Pier lotti
  • Cemetery of Royal Family of  Ottoman Emperial
  • Caligraphy Store
  • Khan for accommodation of Ambassador

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