Hagia İrine Museum

hagia eirene, Divine Peace in Greek, was built by Constantin the great in 330 A.D.According to Archaeological researchs , before hagia eirene​ Church , there was a temple dedicated to Aphrodite. Constantine the great declared İstanbul as a  capital city of Rome İmperial during a Mass in Hagia İrine Church. Mmore or less 3000 people  was killed in hagia eirene because of Disaggrement between  Ortodoxy and Arianizmin 346. First council of Constantinople was done in Hagia eirene church in 381 .  Hagia eirene Church was destroyed by Nika Revolt happened in 532.and then İt was rebuilt by Justinian The Great. Also a hospital called Simson was built nearby Hagia İrine. you can only  see iconclastik cross in Hagia irine Museum.   İn Ottoman Times , this building used as a Arsenal. at the end of Ottoman İmperial . İt was used as a First Archaeological museum and Millitary Museum. Hagia İrine has nice acoustic system . so it used as a consert hall  today. and also it is a one of important  museum in İstanbul . and Hagia eirene is only place which has atrium ( courtyard). in this courtyard , you can see a emperor tomb and baptism pool .

ı highly recommend you to add this museum in your İstanbul Tour 

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Rasim Terzi

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