Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar , the oldest Shopping mall all over the world , was constructed by Sultan Mehmet Conquered in 1455 in order to support to expenses of Hagia Sophia. Grand Bazaar is located at the top of Second hill of Seven hills of Istanbul . And Also Grand Bazaar located among Beyazıt mosque , Nurosmaniye Mosques and a lot of Khans . Grand Bazaar is the most vibrant place in Istanbul . Grand Bazaar is the heart of Turkish Economy . Thanks to these Features , Grand Bazaar is in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Grand Bazaar has 65 different streets, 3600 Stores and 21 gates. Grand Bazaar has an area of 30.700 square meters.  Approximately 250.000 poeple visit Grand Bazaar daily . Grand Bazaar is the most visited shopping Mall all over the World . 

most of Turk goes to Grand bazaar to buy gold and slver coins as a gift for Wedding Party. And also Most of Company in İstanbul on one day in a week especially Friday come to Grnd Bazaar to exchange money. Because you can find best currency rate in Grand Bazaar .Also you can visit a restourant run by Salt Bea Nusret in Grand Bazaar.

what to buy in Grand Bazaar

  • Jewelry
  • Souvenir
  • Ottoman Lamb
  • Caligraphy 
  • Evil Eyes
  • Bags Shoes , T shirts
  • Leather jackets
  • Antiques 
  • Watches
  • Rugs and Kilims
  • Meerschaum pipe
  • Silver and Golden good
  • Pashminas
  • Textile
  • Pottery and tiles
  • Spices
  • Coppers
  • Old Books And maps
  • Turkish Dealight, Dried fruits, Different Kinds of Tea
  • Turksih Coffees
  • Caviars
  • Scarfs
  • Turkish Bath towels


khans around Grand bazaar 

  • Yagcı han
  • Haznedar han
  • Rabia han
  • Kebapçı han
  • Balyacı han
  • Sorguçlu han
  • yol geçen han
  • Sepetçi han
  • Bodrum han
  •  Ali Pasha han
  • Agha han
  • Sarraf han
  • Evliya han
  • Cebeci han
  • iç Cebeci han
  • Astarcı han
  • Küçük Safran han
  • Yolgeçen han
  • Safran han
  • Çukur han
  • Perdahçı han
  • Mercan han
  • KızlarAğası han
  • İmameli han
  • Zincirli han
  • Kaşıkçı han
  • valide sultan han

it is too easy to get lost in grand bazaar. we highly recommend you to visit and shopping under guiding

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