Cagaloglu name was derived from Cicala Family from Genova. Cagaloglu was center of Ottoman Press in ottoman times  . Most of Press Pffice located nearby BAb-ı Ali ( Grand Vizier office ). After Press Companies were moved to Another  location in Istanbul ,  Book Published Companies is moved to Cagaloglu

Cagaloglu Turkish Bath

Turkish Bath was not only  social place in Ottoman times but also ıt was revenue place for old mosques. That's why Cagaloglu Turkısh bath was built by order of Sultan Mahmut 1st in 1741 to get revenues for library of Hagia Sophia. Name of Cagaloglu derived from Cıcala Family who lived in Italy .   Cagaloglu Turkish Bath located nearby Basical Cistern . Cagaloglu Turkish Bath  has two separated rooms for Gentlemen and Ladies. Too many famous people like Barıs Manco , German King Kayzer Wilhelm 2nd , England King Edward 8th., Nurse Florence Nightingale, Cameron Diaz , John Travolta , Sertab Erener, Şener Şen and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk  has been in Cagaloglu. "Everywhere that I can " Music Video of Sertab Erener  was filmed in Cagaloglu Turkish Bath. Cagaloglu Turkısh Bath was selected by the Guardian Newspapers as a one of thousand place must be visited before you die.

Iran Consulate 

Iran Consulate was constructed by İtalian architect Domenica Stampa in 1866. this is only consulate in old town of Istanbul 

Istanbul Male High School 

Istanbul Male High School was built by Alexandre Vallaury in 1897  as a Düyun-u Umumiye ( checking of External Indebtness of Ottoman Imperial ). After Republic of Turkey was  founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk This huge building was converted into High School .At the begining , this building used only for male . But It was started to used for Public Unisex education after 1964. Therei is a underground Cistern located nearby this School . 

  Rustem Pasha Madrasah 

Rustempasha Madrasah was built by orde of Rustem Pasha who was groom of Suleyman the Magnificent im 1550 . architect of This Madrasah was Architect Sinan the Great . Athought external of Rustem Pasha Madrasah looks Quadrangle shaped . territorial enclave of Rustem Pasha Madrasah look octagonal shaped . 

Red Mansion 

Red Mansion played  important roles during Second Constitutional Period (1909-1922). Many important decisions related to Galypoly Battle  was taken by Commitee of Union and Progress in Red  Mansion during World First War . After Republic of Turkey , Red Mansion was used by Newspaper called "Republic". Today Red Mansion look ruins  and Red Mansion should  be restorated as soon as possible . 

Bab-ı Ali -Governor Mansion 

Bab-ı Ali( literally means Great Gate ) Mansion was used by Grand Vizier during reign of Ottoman İmperial . Bab-i Ali Mansion Completely  was destroyed by fire during Revolt  done by Janisseries against to Alemdar Mstafa Pasha in 1808.  New Mansion Called Bab-ı Ali  was built by Sultan Mahmut the Second.   Bab-ı Ali Mansion was used for Council of ministers. After (Tanzimat Fermanı) Reforming Edicts   Bab-ı Ali Mansion Used as a Parliament of Ottoman İmperial. After Republic of Turkey . Bab-ı Ali Mansion was used by Governor of Istanbul . 


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