Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Turkey thanks to its location, just a few minutes walking distance from the Hagia Sophia Museum. Because  Blue Mosque is still an active mosque. you should check praying times before visiting,  visitors are not allowed to get inside Blue Mosque  during praying time .

Blue Mosque was constructed by the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed 1st between 1609 and 1616. Blue Mosque  is the only mosque in Istanbul  which has 6 minarets (even numbers of minarets were only used on mosques reserved for the Ottoman royal family, odd numbers of minarets were not used for royal families’ construction).

Entrance to the Blue Mosque is free of charge, but donations are accepted in order to help with expenses.

 Blue Mosque is a holy place. you should wear appropriate clothing (knees and elbows covered, and women must wear headscarves when visiting . You will also need to remove your shoes and carry them during your visit. Scarves and coverings for knees and elbows are available at the entrance to the Blue Mosque or you can bring your own scarf and coverings with you.


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