Beyazıt Square


Most of Square name derived from Mosque name in Istanbul. Beyazıt name derived from Beyazıt Mosque which built by Sultan Beyazıt Second , Son of Fatih Sultan Mehmet,. Beyazıt square was used as a necropolis (graveyard )in ancient times . during construction of Tunnel done by Municipalty of Istanbul , some Sarcophagus was discovered in Beyazıt Square. İn Roman times, Beyazıt square called Forum Tauri ( Bull square). There was a bull statue which was used as a place of Execution . Romans burnt people convicted deadt penalty inside Bull Statue. in 4th Centuryi Forum Theodosius was constructed in Beyazıt Square. Today you can see some ruins from Theodosius forum .After conquering  of Istanbul by Ottoman Sultan Mehmet the Second , First Palace for Royal Family was built in Beyazıt Squre.afterRoyal Family  moved to Topkapı alace . First Palace was used by Former Sultan' wifes and Concubines. That's why First palace was called Crying Woman Palace. Beyazıt Fire Tower was added in First palace zone for checking fire during Ottoman reign.  During World War First , First palace Building was used a as Headquarter of Ottoman Army. Today First Palace is used as a Istanbul Univercity.

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